Canadian Anesthesiologist’s Society International Education Foundation (CASIEF)

Five billion people lack access to safe surgical care. Surgical disease kills more people annually than HIV, TB, and malaria combined. Unfortunately, surgical capacity is least where it is needed most. Surgical care in low resource settings is cost effective and an indispensable, indivisible part of basic health care. Our philosophy is to work with anesthesia providers in low and middle-income countries (LMIC) to develop self-sustaining programs appropriate to their own needs. Consultations and collaboration with ministries of health, anesthesia providers, anesthesia societies, and local training institutions are key to building successful partnerships.

Our efforts depend almost entirely on your donations. As we are expanding our programming in Ethiopia, we hope to launch a new fundraising campaign in the near future. In the meantime, as our partners struggle with the onset of COVID-19 and added pressures for physicians and trainees during the pandemic, funding is still required. CASIEF is working to assist our partners remotely, source PPE, and equipment donations. Please consider a donation during this difficult time.

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